Bling's weekly book review: For Every Dog An Angel written and illustrated by Christine Davis

Hi friends,

It is time for this week's book review.   The name of this week's book is For Every Dog An Angel.   The story is written and illustrated by Christine Davis.

You know every week I write a book review about a children's book.   The book review is written for adults to share with the special kids in their lives.   This week I am doing something a little different.   The book I am reviewing is written more for adults but is something for all of us, young and old, who have a special dog.  

The book starts out with a puppy being born.   The puppy gets old enough to leave its mother and goes to live with its new special family.   We have all had that experience.   When I was born, I had 5 brothers and sisters.    My humans took care of us all and five families came over and my brothers and sisters went to live with those 5 new special families.   My humans were sad to not have my brothers and sisters anymore in our house.  More than that, my humans were very very happy to have my brothers and sisters bring love to new families.   Puppies grow up so quickly.  They grow old much faster than kids do.   For this reason, puppies become dogs, dogs become old and there comes a time when the old dogs' bodies just are too old to keep living.   It is hard for me to say this, but there comes a time when we all must say goodbye to special dogs in our lives.   The book goes on with more learning experiences to help families talk about what happens when dogs go to heaven.    The pictures in the book can really help us feel better too.    I don't want to tell you all about the end of the book.   I can tell you the ending can help us feel better.   It is a good book to keep on hand when the time comes to share with family members the journey our pets' lives take. The book can be purchased on line.

Thank you for reading my book review.  I'll have a new one next week.

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