Bling's Book Review - Do Unto Otters, bu Laurie Keller

Hi Kids,

I am going to start doing a weekly book review.  There are so many GGGGRRRREAT books out there.   I wish we could read them all.
 This week, my book review is on "Do Unto Otters" by author, Laurie Keller.  

The book is fabulous.   Of course, the first thing I enjoyed was the cover and all the illustrations of ANIMALS.  I LOVE animals.  On the cover, Ms. Keller writes this book is, "A Book About Manners."   You know, learning great manners is one of those things that we can never stop learning about.  The older we get, the more we try, and the more we care about others, will all teach us to have the best manners possible.   Manners might not seem important now, but they are.  Believe me when I tell you this!!   The book starts out with Otters moving to the animals' neighborhood in the forest.  All the other animals are worried about the Otters.  The other animals were worried that the Otters would not have good manners.   The animals hoped the Otters wo…

Merry Christmas message from my adopted class of 5th graders

This is the greatest message ever.  I love how clever the 5th graders are!!  They even used my "Take Bling" signs to make me feel like I was really there!

Thank you 5th graders and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

If you want to make your own "Take Bling" sign and send me pictures - here it is for you to print out.  All you do is print out the photo, cut out my image, tape it to a stick, and take it everywhere.   Have a grown up take a photo and email it to me at    Can't wait to see where you have been!

Hi Kids,

In this photo I was visiting an art collection to celebrate the Native Americans.  It is on a ranch in Texas.  The art collection features tipis and sculptures.  (My mom painted the tipis.)

Did you know why Native Americana's lived in tipis?

Here are some interesting facts about life in tipis....
They were easy to assemble and dissemble so the Native Americans could relocate due to the need to move around to find game for hunting.They were durable and provided warmth and a comfortable house in the winter.  They also gave the Native Americans a place to stay dry out of the rain.They stayed cool during hot summer months.The top of the tipi could be opened and closed do keep them warm or ventilated for fire rings inside.The circular cone shape made the tipis very stable in high winds. It was great to visit some authentic replicas of tipis and see the sculptures.   They are really cool.

Love, your friend, Bling

Read a long with Bling

Hi Kids!

Do you want to read along with me and a class of 5th graders as we go on a journey with young Matt in the wilderness of Maine in 1768?

The book we are reading is "The Sign of the Beaver" by author, Elizabeth George Speare.   It is awesome.   Matt, a young settler, has met up with a Native American boy named Attean.  We are at chapter 10 and it appears the boys are becoming friends.   Hope you join us and read along!

Love, your friend, Bling

Hey 5th Graders~Bling visits a private ranch to celebrate Native Americans

Hi kids!

You know how I love to have my "Take Bling" photo taken to fun places?  Well, this time, I took my own sign with ME - ha ha ha!!!!

I went to East Texas to visit a private ranch with Tipis and Native American Sculptures.   Did you know my "mom" painted the tipis?  The ranch has a special area dedicated to Native Americans.

This is really cool stuff kids, did you know that Native Americans had dogs hundreds of years ago?   They used dogs for many things.  Dogs were used for work but they were also family pets.   Below, I'm including some information you may like reading (and you know how much I want everyone to enjoy reading!)
Native American dogs were dogs living with people indigenous to the Americas. They are now almost completely extinct except for a small handful of breeds such as Alaskan Malamutes and Greenland Dogs.Courtesy of: "The evolutionary history of dogs in the Americas"

Indian men hunted with their dogs, the women used them to ass…

Bling the Adventurer visits the Collin County Adventure Camp

On the way from our quaint little post office in Westminster, Texas we drive by the Collin County Adventure Camp.   If you live in the North Texas area, this may be a great consideration for an outing with your children.  In addition to being open year round, they offer both summer camp and day camp.  

Here is the information from their website:
Day Campers will participate in adventure activities, such as hiking, canoeing, fishing, archery, BBs, climbing wall, challenge course, team building and ziplining. Every day will include pool time, games and a hot lunch and afternoon snack is provided.  Collin County Adventure Camp opened its gates with a dream to bring the outdoor learning experience to children of Collin County and the surrounding area. Residents passed a $26 million bond to build camp and when construction was complete, Collin County partnered with the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, who manages camp. Since our gate opened in 2006, we have expanded our program of Ou…

Back to school and the fun of reading!

Hi Kids!

I know everybody is back to school now, settling into their classes, seeing your friends, and making new friends.  Here is my BIG QUESTION......

Are you reading any fun books in school that you want to share with me?

You all know how much I love reading.  Sometimes my mom's friends tell her about books they've read and then my mom wants to read that same book too.   Will you let me know what books you are reading and then I can read that book also?

My favorite books have lots of pictures.  I LOVE looking at the pictures.  Here is the book I am reading right now.  The title of the book is DOG vs. CATS by Chris Gall.   This is a great book with super pictures.   I don't want to tell you the whole story, but the cats are awesome.  The dog in the book reminds me of my daddy dog, Drew.

If you do read a book, let me know what the name of the book was.  Then, tell me about your favorite part of the book and I will send you a special sticker for reading.  You can email me …