Bling the Adventurer visits the Collin County Adventure Camp

On the way from our quaint little post office in Westminster, Texas we drive by the Collin County Adventure Camp.   If you live in the North Texas area, this may be a great consideration for an outing with your children.  In addition to being open year round, they offer both summer camp and day camp.  

Here is the information from their website:
Day Campers will participate in adventure activities, such as hiking, canoeing, fishing, archery, BBs, climbing wall, challenge course, team building and ziplining. Every day will include pool time, games and a hot lunch and afternoon snack is provided.  Collin County Adventure Camp opened its gates with a dream to bring the outdoor learning experience to children of Collin County and the surrounding area. Residents passed a $26 million bond to build camp and when construction was complete, Collin County partnered with the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, who manages camp. Since our gate opened in 2006, we have expanded our program of Ou…

Back to school and the fun of reading!

Hi Kids!

I know everybody is back to school now, settling into their classes, seeing your friends, and making new friends.  Here is my BIG QUESTION......

Are you reading any fun books in school that you want to share with me?

You all know how much I love reading.  Sometimes my mom's friends tell her about books they've read and then my mom wants to read that same book too.   Will you let me know what books you are reading and then I can read that book also?

My favorite books have lots of pictures.  I LOVE looking at the pictures.  Here is the book I am reading right now.  The title of the book is DOG vs. CATS by Chris Gall.   This is a great book with super pictures.   I don't want to tell you the whole story, but the cats are awesome.  The dog in the book reminds me of my daddy dog, Drew.

If you do read a book, let me know what the name of the book was.  Then, tell me about your favorite part of the book and I will send you a special sticker for reading.  You can email me …

Bling's First Cross Word Puzzle

Many of our friends know about Bling's newsletter for kids.   The goal was to have something short and fun for the kids who are following Bling to receive each month.   Bling's newsletters were introduced in July of this year.   Her second newsletter came out a few days ago.  Each newsletter includes a fun printout for the kids.  The August newsletter has the following crossword puzzle in it. 

We thought it would be fun to make this recent crossword puzzle public for any kids who do not receive her newsletter.   If you would like to have your child receive her newsletter, sign up on Bling's website.  The sign up form is on her "Fan" page.   Here is the link:

Here is the crossword puzzle including the answer key.  We hope your children enjoy it!

Bling Loves Bees

Any of you who receive my children's newsletter know about the game "Take Bling".   (If you do not receive the newsletter, but would like to, go to my website and sign up on the Fan Page.

To play the game, you have a picture of me, tape it to a stick, and take photos of my photo where ever you go.  It is fun to see the different places people go!   This week, my human mom, Dawn, took my picture to the small town of Westin, Texas.   There is a honey store there that is only open on Saturdays.  

I may be raising bees on my property in Texas someday.   Here is some information on bees and how important they are to our planet.

The importance of bees Bees are very important for our ecosystem and for agriculture. They play a crucial role in pollinating flowers. Pollination is the way in which the male part of a flower reaches the female part so that a new plant can grow.
Insects like bees are very important because they move the pollen from flower to flower. When the…

The New Studio

I am laying here enjoying where my mom's new art studio will be.  It is easy to pick a spot for my own personal doggie bed.  After all, I'll be spending a lot of time in here.  It is only reasonable that I will be able to pick where my bed will go.  Of course, once the walls are up, I may change my mind on where my bed will go.  It has to be in a prime location for me to watch SQUIRRELS!!

A few weeks ago I was at the dog show.  I won an "Owner Handler Group 3" on Sunday.  It was pretty awesome.  The dog shows are so much fun.

Have a great day and thanks for looking at my blog.

My Newsletter!

My newsletter is done and we are currently updating the email addresses for the children (and their parents) who have signed up for it.  The newsletter will be emailed to everyone by tomorrow.

Life happens so quickly.  All of a sudden we are no longer babies.  Here is a picture of me when I was a baby dog.  

We learn many important lessons when we are children.   Experiences are forever in our memories.  My human mom's fondest childhood memories are playing with her dog.   Dogs bring a great deal of joy into our lives.  

My goal is to be everyone's dog.  If you don't have a dog, then I want to be your dog too.   We may not live together, but that doesn't mean we can't share stories.  Send real letters to me, or email me at:  or post a letter on my Facebook page at

I can't wait to keep in touch with my new friends through my newsletter.  If you haven't signed up for my newsletter, here is the link t…

Bling is multi-tasking

We had a great time last weekend at the Dallas shows - four days of shows over the 4th of July weekend.   Bling came home every day with a ribbon.

She loves to show - loves to have treats....but, her favorite thing is absolutely to look for squirrels.

Bling definitely knows how to multi-task.   She can pose with her ribbons and look for squirrels all at the same time.  Fortunately for me, no squirrels showed up while taking photos!