Bling has a slumber party

This is Bling's buddy, Grit.  He is a Belgium Malinois.   I might be prejudice, but he is the most gorgeous Malinois I've ever seen. 

Grit is 12 months old and is a sweetheart.  Bling has known him since he was a baby.   Sometimes she spends the night at his house.  It is his turn to spend the night with Bling.

He has been a really good house guest.  He has a cat so he has been good with Bling's cats.  He is being really kind with Bling's red dog family.  No surprise there since Bling's red dog family spends the night at Grit's house too.  He has an interesting look when he is by Bling's chickens, so no walking Dr. Pepper for Grit! 

Slumber parties are fun!

Photobombing Elvis

My mom is an Elvis fan.  She is a HUGE Elvis fan, I get that.  Do you know when she was a little girl her mom would only let her stay up past her bedtime if an Elvis movie was on?  Sounds like my mom has a "Elvis" problem.

Well, I am sitting here, trying to be the best dog ever and yep, there is an Elvis movie on.   In the movie, there is an Irish Setter.  My mom goes nutso.  Really, over an Irish Setter in a movie?  Really?  What was she thinking?  There are Irish Setters all around her.  What is the big deal about an Elvis movie anyhow.   I was left with only one thing to do...yep, I photobombed Elvis.   Here is the proof. 

And yes, it worked.  She noticed me!  Kisses from Bling definitely win over watching any movie.

Dog shows are great fun.

Sometimes people ask my human mom why we go to dog shows.   Well, it is a little bit of a long story.

When my mom was a little girl she remembered her grandparents talking about a dog show.   She remembered the brushes and a grooming table.

Years later, my mom purchased an Irish Setter puppy and was told it was a show puppy but she didn't have to show it.   She thought, why not try showing the puppy?   It would be a way to honor her grandparents who had passed away many years ago.  Here is a photo of her grandmother and her Kerry Blue Terriers.

She started showing the puppy.  He became a champion and was only shown by her.   They had a lot of fun and he was given lots of TREATS!   To her, showing her dog the same as going to the park, going on a walk or to the beach.  It was a fun way to spend time with her dog.  It was a great way to make new friends.   As the years went by, she continued to show her dogs.    She only wanted to show her own dogs because the dog show was an opport…

My New Blog!

Hi everyone, 

I have decided to start a new blog.   I hope you will check back and see what I am up to.  There is going to be lots of fun stuff to share here for the entire family.  

If you haven't seen my website yet, here is a link to go check it out:   Bling's Website - click here.  I have been busy working on it.  It is almost done!

Talk to you soon!

Love, your friend, Bling