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Bling's Book Review - The Legend of ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS by Drew Daywalt

Hi Kids,

It is time for my weekly children's book review.   This week I am reviewing The Legend of ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS authored by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Adam Rex.
It is always fun looking for new childrens' books to read.  Sometimes I find them in a book store and sometimes I find them on the internet.  Another favorite place of mine to find books is in the library.  There are so many ways to find new books to read!

You all know how much I LOVE art.  As usual, the cover illustrations caught my attention immediately.  It is awesome how the illustrator, Adam Rex, made all the characters so realistic, but each has a definite personality.  The author, Drew Daywalt, did a fabulous job telling a story we all know too well.  The story is about someone who wins all the time.  Each character finds they win all the time.  You know what happens when you win every time?   This is what happens, winning no longer becomes fun because you expect it.   Winning, for some, can become…

Bling's Book Review - Do Unto Otters, bu Laurie Keller

Hi Kids,

I am going to start doing a weekly book review.  There are so many GGGGRRRREAT books out there.   I wish we could read them all.
 This week, my book review is on "Do Unto Otters" by author, Laurie Keller

The book is fabulous.   Of course, the first thing I enjoyed was the cover and all the illustrations of ANIMALS.  I LOVE animals.  On the cover, Ms. Keller writes this book is, "A Book About Manners."   You know, learning great manners is one of those things that we can never stop learning about.  The older we get, the more we try, and the more we care about others, will all teach us to have the best manners possible.   Manners might not seem important now, but they are.  Believe me when I tell you this!!   The book starts out with Otters moving to the animals' neighborhood in the forest.  All the other animals are worried about the Otters.  The other animals were worried that the Otters would not have good manners.   The animals hoped the Otters wou…