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Being an owner handler has moments that just keeps us laughing

Bling has always had a free and happy spirit - typical for Irish Setters.  Some call it "rollicking".   To me, she is just plain and simple... a happy dog.

Here she is when she was a year old.  In an ideal scenario - all four feet are pretty close to the ground.
Going to a dog show is full of surprises when I have Bling in the ring.  And I will admit, at this time though a seasoned show dog, she still leaps for joy at times in the ring.  She keeps me laughing.

Someone asked me recently if I'll be getting a new puppy to show anytime soon.   While we all love puppies, I think Bling and her small family of red dogs are all we need.   As long as Bling is having fun in the ring, we will continue to show.  She knows when I am packing to go to a show and she can't get in the vehicle quickly enough.  Those who know Bling, know she understands the shows are a place where TREATS are guaranteed.  And Bling LOVES her treats.  A win win for all of us.

Bling has a slumber party

This is Bling's buddy, Grit.  He is a Belgium Malinois.   I might be prejudice, but he is the most gorgeous Malinois I've ever seen. 

Grit is 12 months old and is a sweetheart.  Bling has known him since he was a baby.   Sometimes she spends the night at his house.  It is his turn to spend the night with Bling.

He has been a really good house guest.  He has a cat so he has been good with Bling's cats.  He is being really kind with Bling's red dog family.  No surprise there since Bling's red dog family spends the night at Grit's house too.  He has an interesting look when he is by Bling's chickens, so no walking Dr. Pepper for Grit! 

Slumber parties are fun!

Photobombing Elvis

My mom is an Elvis fan.  She is a HUGE Elvis fan, I get that.  Do you know when she was a little girl her mom would only let her stay up past her bedtime if an Elvis movie was on?  Sounds like my mom has a "Elvis" problem.

Well, I am sitting here, trying to be the best dog ever and yep, there is an Elvis movie on.   In the movie, there is an Irish Setter.  My mom goes nutso.  Really, over an Irish Setter in a movie?  Really?  What was she thinking?  There are Irish Setters all around her.  What is the big deal about an Elvis movie anyhow.   I was left with only one thing to do...yep, I photobombed Elvis.   Here is the proof. 

And yes, it worked.  She noticed me!  Kisses from Bling definitely win over watching any movie.