Bling has a slumber party

This is Bling's buddy, Grit.  He is a Belgium Malinois.   I might be prejudice, but he is the most gorgeous Malinois I've ever seen. 

Grit is 12 months old and is a sweetheart.  Bling has known him since he was a baby.   Sometimes she spends the night at his house.  It is his turn to spend the night with Bling.

He has been a really good house guest.  He has a cat so he has been good with Bling's cats.  He is being really kind with Bling's red dog family.  No surprise there since Bling's red dog family spends the night at Grit's house too.  He has an interesting look when he is by Bling's chickens, so no walking Dr. Pepper for Grit! 

Slumber parties are fun!


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