Photobombing Elvis

My mom is an Elvis fan.  She is a HUGE Elvis fan, I get that.  Do you know when she was a little girl her mom would only let her stay up past her bedtime if an Elvis movie was on?  Sounds like my mom has a "Elvis" problem.

Well, I am sitting here, trying to be the best dog ever and yep, there is an Elvis movie on.   In the movie, there is an Irish Setter.  My mom goes nutso.  Really, over an Irish Setter in a movie?  Really?  What was she thinking?  There are Irish Setters all around her.  What is the big deal about an Elvis movie anyhow.   I was left with only one thing to do...yep, I photobombed Elvis.   Here is the proof.

And yes, it worked.  She noticed me!  Kisses from Bling definitely win over watching any movie.


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