Bling's weekly book review - Sephanie's Ponytail written by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Michael Martchenko

Hi friends,

It is time for my weekly children's book review.   I have been wanting to tell you about this book for some time.   It is one of my favorites.  The name of the book is Stephanie's Ponytail.   The author is Robert Munsch and the illustrations were created by Michael Martchenko.

The cover of the book had me laughing instantly.   On the cover, Stephanie's mom is pulling her hair on top of her head into a ponytail.   Do you know my mom does that to me too?  Only she does it with the hair on my ears when I am getting a haircut. 
In the story, Stephanie wanted to be different from the other kids in her school.  No one else had a ponytail, so Stephanie decided she wanted one.   Her mom pulled her hair back and made a ponytail on the back of her head.  The kids at school didn't like her ponytail.   Stephanie was okay with that.   She didn't have the ponytail to impress anyone.  She had the ponytail because she wanted it.  She liked her ponytail.  The next day at school, the other girls copied her and everyone had a ponytail.   Stephanie decided she still wanted to be different.  The next day, she asked her mom to move her ponytail.  Now her ponytail was on the side of her head, above her ear.  You will never believe what happened.  The very next day all the girls copied Stephanie again and their ponytails were now above their ears too.   Stephanie was frustrated.   She asked her mom again to do something else with her ponytail.   Stephanie's mom put her ponytail on top of her head (just like what my mom does with my ears!!).   The other girls made fun of her again.  You know what, the very next day at school, the girls copied Stephanie again and everyone had ponytails on top of their heads.   Stephanie was so frustrated.  All she wanted was to be different.   She told all the kids that the next day she was going to shave her head.  Yep - you read that correctly.   Stephanie was telling everyone she was going to shave her head.   Let's think about what is happening in this story.   The kids are copying each other right?  Sometimes we like to do what other people are doing.  It can be fun.   We want to be included.   Sometimes though we should not do what other people are doing.  If someone else is not telling the truth, we should not do that because they are.  We should always tell the truth.   If someone does something that is wrong or mean, we should not copy them.   We all need to think about what we are doing and what will happen because of what we have done.    We need to do the right thing and not the wrong thing.   There will be times we can do what others are doing.   We just have to think about each situation.   If in doubt about what to do, ask a parent, a grand parent, a teacher.   An adult can help you learn to make good decisions.  

Back to our book review.....I can't tell you if Stephanie and the other kids shaved their heads.   You will have to check the book out from your library to find out what happens.  

Thank you for reading my book review.  I'll have a new one next week.

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