Bling's Weekly Book Review - Good Night Baddies by Deborah Underwood

Hi Friends,

It is time for another weekly book review.   Writing a book review means I've read a book.  Every time I read a book, I have to bark bark bark with excitement.  Books are really special.  I am not sure if we talk enough about that.   Books let us explore places we may never visit in person.  On the flip side, books may tells us about a place that leads to us to visit there someday.   Books are so important.   Okay, on to our book!

This week, my book review is on "Good Night Baddies" written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Juli Kangas.

When you look at a book, do you ever wonder what made you want to read the book?   For me, it is all about pictures.  After all, isn't that what a children's picture book is all about?   With this week's book, "Good Night Baddies", I loved how real the illustrations looked.   I picked up the book and opened it to read the book flap.   Do you know what a book flap is?  The flap of a book is the part of the cover folded to appear on the inside front and back of a book. Book flaps can tell us what book is about before we read it.  On this book's flap it began by saying, "Witches. Trolls. Dragons.  And big, bad wolves."   Gosh, this sounded like such a cool book.   I couldn't wait to read it!
Each children's book has a lesson for us all to learn.   Sometimes we get busy looking at the fun pictures and forget to pay attention to the words.   Shhhh.....don't tell anyone, but I catch my mom doing that with grown up magazines too!   It is really important to read the words.  It is just as important to think about the words and the lesson the book is trying to teach us.

With this book, the "baddies" are trolls and wolves and the like....these are kinda frightening characters.   We assume they are frightening.   Do you know what the word assume means?   Assume means you think something is true that might turn out to not be true.  It is really easy to assume things and be wrong.  Well, that is what this book is about.   It is about finding the truth out about the characters.   A troll may really be nice.   Maybe we assume a troll is not nice because someone told us that.  Is there anyone at school that you think is not nice?   Maybe they really are nice, you just need to be nice first.   The lesson of this book is not to assume things.   I think that is a really important lesson.   We need to take the time to find something out for real before assuming it is true or real.   Going forward, I am going to really be nice to everyone even if someone is not nice to me.  Maybe, being nice, may make that other person nice to me in return.   For sure, I am not always going to believe everything I hear.  I am going to take time to find out more information before assuming something.

Thank you for reading my book review.  I'll have a new one next week.

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