Bling's Weekly Book Review: Chrysanthemum written by Kevin Henkes

Hi friends,

It is time for my weekly children's book review.   This week I am reviewing Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.

My favorite flower is a yellow rose, though I like any yellow flowers.  Yep, I love yellow flowers.   My mom thought it would be perfect to take a picture of me outside with my book and yellow flowers.  The first thing I noticed about the book was the cover.  It has an illustration of a yellow flower on it.  The flower is a chrysanthemum.   Did you know a chrysanthemum bloom is made of hundreds of tiny flowers called florets.   Okay - on to our book review!
Chrysanthemum is a story about a little mouse.  Her name is Chrysanthemum.   In the book, it is the first day of school.   Chrysanthemum is a very happy little mouse.  One huge thing that makes her happy is her name.  She loves her name, Chrysanthemum.   She knows in her heart it was a special name.  She is so excited about her first day of school.   She wears one her favorite dresses and can't wait to get there.

Once there, she finds some of the other little mice are mean to her.  They really are mean about her name.   Little Chrysanthemum was devastated.   The name she loves turned out to be not a name others love.   Day after day, the other mice make fun of her.  Little Chrysanthemum has her feelings hurt and didn't want to be around the other little mice anymore.   Then, something changes.   They have a special teacher one day at school.   Everyone loves this teacher.   You will never believe this, but the teacher loved the name Chrysanthemum.   The teacher's positive attitude changed the minds of the other little mice about the name Chrysanthemum.  Immediately, Chrysanthemum gets along with all the other mice.    This was a really important lesson for me.  It made me sad to see how badly little Chrysanthemum felt.  I wouldn't ever want to feel like that.   I told myself, "Bling, don't ever be part of anybody picking on anyone else.   Be the special one that makes others feel great about themselves."  You know what, it made me feel great about myself - just thinking about being kind to others.  Another important lesson is to realize how important teachers and adults are in our lives.   We can learn so much from them.  Teachers are really important.   Do you have a teacher you really love?  I sure do.  I love teachers.

Geezzzz - I've already told you too much.  I don't want to ruin the story for you.  You will have to check the book out from your local library to find out what happens.  I can tell you this, there is a special ending that is a HUGE surprise.

Thank you for reading my book review.  I'll have a new one next week.

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