Bling's Book Review - Penguin Problems by Jory John and Illustrated by Lane Smith

Hi Friends,

It is time for my weekly book review.  I love doing them for you!   Writing a book review means I've read a book.  Every time I read a book I have to bark bark bark with excitement.  

This week, my book review is on "Penguin Problems" written by Jory John and illustrated by Lane Smith.

Do you know anyone who complains ALL THE TIME?   If so, have you noticed how unhappy they are?  It makes me sad when complaining happens a lot.    It is so much more fun to be happy than disappointed and complaining.

This week's book, Penguin Problems, is about (you guessed it) a penguin.   The book starts out with the penguin being unhappy because it is too early in the morning.   Getting up early helps us to get more done!   The penguin is unhappy about everything.  Other penguins are too noisy.   Really!!!  That is just silly.   The penguin is unhappy if it is too sunny or too snowy or if he waddles when he walks.   Gee, aren't penguins supposed to waddle when they walk?   I am just exhausted listening to this penguin complain about EVERYTHING.

Eventually, the penguin is approached by a huge walrus.   The walrus knows the penguin is being very grumpy.  The walrus starts pointing out all the wonderful things around them.   The walrus explains that life is not always easy, that we will be facing difficult things at times, but suggests the penguin look at life differently.   If only the penguin would think about his life, that the penguin would realize that he doesn't need to be complaining all the time.  

The penguin reflected on what the walrus told him.   I started to think about my life.   The walrus is totally spot on.   It is easy to look at the negative things in our lives, but, if we take our grumpy attitudes and set them aside, we can see the beautiful things around us more clearly.

The book taught me a great lesson.   I will not allow things to make me grumpy and complain.  Instead, I am going to look at situations differently.   I will choose to be happy and not grumpy.  I will try to fix the things I can instead of complaining.   Hopefully, you will have a chance to read this book.  The illustrations are wonderful.   I especially like the one showing how penguins waddle!

Thank you for reading my book review.  I'll have a new one next week.

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