Bling's Book Review - DOG IN CHARGE by K.L. Going and illustrated by Caldecott Award Winner, Dan Santat

Hi Friends,

It is time for my weekly book review.  I hope you look forward to my book reviews.  I love doing them for you!

This week, my book review is on "Dog In Charge" written by K. L. Going and illustrated by Dan Santat - a famous Caldecott Award Winner.

It is really important to me to teach my new little sister, Bliss, all about reading.  For this book review, I am taking my book to Bliss's bedroom and read to her.   I love my little sister.

Our book this week, Dog in Charge, is full of surprises.  One thing that is not a surprise is the subject.  It is a book about a dog...oh yeah, I LOVE that.  The book also has cats in it!  I LOVE cats.  Two of the cats look like my cats.  I have a Siamese cat named Rembrandt Blue and a long haired gray cat named Smudge.   Of course I would LOVE a book about cats and dogs.   How could I not?!

The main character is an American Bulldog named "Dog".  I have never heard of a dog named Dog before, have you?  In the first few illustrations, Dog is dressed up by his family.  I had to laugh.  My family dresses me up too.  Dog also receives treats from his family.  I get treats too.  Instantly, I totally related to this character.   Do you know what that means?  When you relate to a character in a book that means the character reminds you of you.  As the story begins, Dog is put in charge of making sure the cats don't get into any trouble.   If you have cats,  you know what a big job this could be.   Well, the worst thing happened to Dog; he couldn't find the cats.   If you have cats, you know how well they can hide.  Well, the second worst thing happened to Dog; the cats messed up things all over the house.   If you have cats, you know how much mischief they can get into.

Dog was beside himself.  Would he be judged for what the cats did?  Would he be judged for how messy the house was?   Would he no longer receive treats for being so good?   Dog didn't know what to do.  He laid down to think about his options and accidentally fell asleep.   The cats found Dog sleeping.  I can't tell you what they did and ruin the ending for you.  I can tell you, I LOVE cats.

I hope you are able to read this book and if so, enjoy it as much as I did.  It is a wonderful story with great pictures.

Thank you for reading my book review.  I'll have a new one next week.

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