Bling's Book Review - Freddy & Frito by Alison Friend

Hi Kids,

I have a great book to review for you this week!   The full name of the book is "Freddy & Frito and the Clubhouse Rules" by Alison Friend.

The main characters are Freddy, a cute little fox, and Frito, Freddy's best friend who is a mouse.   The opening illustration shows Freddy and Frito painting.     You know how I love art.   I took a moment and really looked at the illustration.   Freddy was painting a bicycle - his painting was neat and organized.  Frito was painting was a flurry of color creating an abstract painting.   Do you know what "abstract" art is?   Abstract art is basically the use of color creatively without creating a specific form.   It is the freedom to be creative and enjoy color.    (okay - back to the book)

Freddy and Frito are best friends and love playing at each other's homes.   At each home, there are rules.  Freddy's house is very neat and Freddy's mom does not want the boys to make messes.   At Frito's house, Frito's parents want the boys to include Frito's sisters in the playtime.   Freddy and Frito are tired of rules!!  They head off to play in a park where the boys have a great idea.  They decide to make their own house, a tree house!  After the tree house is finished, they invite their families and friends to visit tree house.   As usual, I don't want to give away the ending.   You will have to read the book yourselves.   It is a great book and you will love the story and all the illustrations.

Don't forget to suggest books for me to read!   Sharing books and suggesting books is a great way to learn.   No matter how old we are, we can never stop learning.

Hugs, kisses and wags to all my dear friends,

Love, Bling


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