Hi Kids,

In this photo I was visiting an art collection to celebrate the Native Americans.  It is on a ranch in Texas.  The art collection features tipis and sculptures.  (My mom painted the tipis.)

Did you know why Native Americana's lived in tipis?

Here are some interesting facts about life in tipis....
  • They were easy to assemble and dissemble so the Native Americans could relocate due to the need to move around to find game for hunting.
  • They were durable and provided warmth and a comfortable house in the winter.  
  • They also gave the Native Americans a place to stay dry out of the rain.
  • They stayed cool during hot summer months.
  • The top of the tipi could be opened and closed do keep them warm or ventilated for fire rings inside.
  • The circular cone shape made the tipis very stable in high winds.
It was great to visit some authentic replicas of tipis and see the sculptures.   They are really cool.

Love, your friend, Bling


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