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Any of you who receive my children's newsletter know about the game "Take Bling".   (If you do not receive the newsletter, but would like to, go to my website and sign up on the Fan Page.

https://www.adogbling.comTo play the game, you have a picture of me, tape it to a stick, and take photos of my photo where ever you go.  It is fun to see the different places people go!   This week, my human mom, Dawn, took my picture to the small town of Westin, Texas.   There is a honey store there that is only open on Saturdays.  

I may be raising bees on my property in Texas someday.   Here is some information on bees and how important they are to our planet.

The importance of bees

Bees are very important for our ecosystem and for agriculture. They play a crucial role in pollinating flowers. Pollination is the way in which the male part of a flower reaches the female part so that a new plant can grow.
Insects like bees are very important because they move the pollen from flower to flower. When the pollen reaches a flower, it finds the way to the pistils, which is the flower’s female part, where there are eggs. Once the pollen has reached the eggs, a new seed is created
For this reason bees are very important for us! Some plants just need wind to be pollinated but other trees and flowers need bees and other flying insects.
In the last years the number of bees has gone down for many reasons: pollution, urbanisation, use of pesticides, which are the chemicals that farmers spray on crops to make them more resistant and keep animals away. You can help bringing bees back! Plant some flowers in your garden or on your balcony. (courtesy of

My family loves bees, they love honey, and the planet.    Here is the bee from my children's book.   Remember, take my picture with you and send me photos - email them to me at

I look forward to seeing your photos.   Until next week, hugs and kisses, Bling


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