Dog shows are great fun.

Sometimes people ask my human mom why we go to dog shows.   Well, it is a little bit of a long story.

When my mom was a little girl she remembered her grandparents talking about a dog show.   She remembered the brushes and a grooming table.

Years later, my mom purchased an Irish Setter puppy and was told it was a show puppy but she didn't have to show it.   She thought, why not try showing the puppy?   It would be a way to honor her grandparents who had passed away many years ago.  Here is a photo of her grandmother and her Kerry Blue Terriers.

She started showing the puppy.  He became a champion and was only shown by her.   They had a lot of fun and he was given lots of TREATS!   To her, showing her dog the same as going to the park, going on a walk or to the beach.  It was a fun way to spend time with her dog.  It was a great way to make new friends.   As the years went by, she continued to show her dogs.    She only wanted to show her own dogs because the dog show was an opportunity to do something special with her dogs.   I am her sixth show dog and her eighth Irish Setter.   Dog shows are fun.  We don't go very often, but when we do she is smiling and I am wagging.

Here is my first dog show when I was 6 months old.  It was the Irish Setter Club of America.   I won my sweepstakes class and a placement in the regular classes.   Yep, lots of wagging, smiling and TREATS that day!

Bling at the Irish Setter National Specialty 2013


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