Bling's weekly book review: "Where's The Bacon" a story in the Adventures of Charlie the Ranch Dog, written by Ree Drummond and illustrated by Diane deGroat

Hi friends,

It is time for this week's book review.   For a few weeks we are going to be enjoying a collection of stories in one book about Charlie the Ranch Dog.  There are 5 stories in this particular book featuring one of my favorite dogs, Charlie.   Charlie is a Basset Hound and he is hilarious.   Charlie lives on a ranch and is an official ranch dog!  We are going to really enjoy reading his stories.  The name of this week's story in the book is Where's the Bacon?   The story is written by Ree Drummond and illustrated by Diane deGroat.
I love my girlfriend, Faith.   My mom actually calls us the twins.   We aren't twins, but we do everything together.   Friends are wonderful.   Reading is great whether you read by yourself or read with a friend.   This week's story is about friends - new friends.

In the beginning of the story, Charlie finds there is a guest dog staying at his ranch for a few days.  The guest's name is Rowdy.  The first thing Charlie notices about Rowdy is that Rowdy smells like bacon.   Charlie realizes he has not had breakfast yet and runs to his bowl.  You'll never believe it.....but, his bowl smells like bacon.  Only one problem, his bowl is empty.   Charlie figures out that Rowdy has eaten his breakfast.   Gosh, if somebody ate my breakfast, especially if it was bacon, it would be very difficult for me to be happy.   Rowdy seems to be causing Charlie trouble and getting into all kinds of things.   He gets in his bed, he gets attention from Charlie's mom, and of course, he ate Charlie's bacon.    I find myself being a bit upset with Rowdy (even though it is a make believe story).   Then something happens in the story that makes me remember the golden rule.   Do you know what the golden rule is?   If you don't, be sure to ask an adult - they will know what it is.    I have to stop here or it could be possible to ruin the end of the story for you.   Charlie is a wonderful dog and I hope you get a chance to read his books.    Next week we will need another story in the book.  Until they, keep reading and give someone a big hug everyday.

Thank you for reading my book review.  I'll have a new one next week.

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