Bling's weekly book review: Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion, Illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham

Hi friends,

It is time for my weekly children's book review.   The name of this week's book is Harry the Dirty Dog.   The author is Gene Zion and the illustrations were created by Margaret Bloy Graham.

Our main character is Harry.  Harry is a little white dog with black spots.  This book does not feature just one story, but includes three stories about Harry.  Isn't that awesome?    I don't know Harry personally.   I was able to get to know him because of his stories in this book.   That is the beauty of books.  Books let you travel to places you may never get to visit in person.  Books let you pretend to be a super hero or an explorer.  Through books you get to know people, pets and even history.   Books are great.  I really love reading books.

The first story about Harry in our book is about him getting dirty.  I thought I'd read the book outside where I get dirty.   I love to run in the mud.  Then I try to sneak back in the house with muddy feet and get mud everywhere!!

In this story,  Harry thinks it is bath day.  Harry decides to go outside and hide the bath time scrubbing brush.  He hides the brush so his family couldn't find it to give him a bath.   Then Harry decides to run away from home.   Gosh, that is pretty extreme.   Baths are not that big of a deal....well, maybe, they are for Harry though.  While Harry was away from home, he started playing and getting really dirty.   He found other dogs and played with them.   The more Harry played, the dirtier he became.  Finally, Harry was so dirty that he looked like a black dog with white spots!!  Even though Harry was having fun, he missed his family.    Harry decided to go back home.   Once home, he didn't look like Harry.   After all, he was no longer a white dog with black spots because he was so dirty.   His family didn't recognize him.   Boy was he in a pickle.   Have you ever made decisions that you regret?   Sometimes we make decisions and later regret them.    It is so important to really make good decisions.   I always take my time and think about things before doing them.   If we rush and make decisions, we may regret them later!   Back to Harry, what is he going to do?   His family doesn't know who he is?   How can he fix this?   How can he show his family that he is really their dog?   I don't want to give it away and tell you.   It is more fun to read a book when you don't know the ending in advance.  If you want to know the ending, go to your local library and check this book out.   If you can't find the book there, be sure to ask the Librarian.  They will be able to help you.

Thank you for reading my book review.  I'll have a new one next week.

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