Hey 5th Graders~Bling visits a private ranch to celebrate Native Americans

Hi kids!

You know how I love to have my "Take Bling" photo taken to fun places?  Well, this time, I took my own sign with ME - ha ha ha!!!!


I went to East Texas to visit a private ranch with Tipis and Native American Sculptures.   Did you know my "mom" painted the tipis?  The ranch has a special area dedicated to Native Americans.

This is really cool stuff kids, did you know that Native Americans had dogs hundreds of years ago?   They used dogs for many things.  Dogs were used for work but they were also family pets.   Below, I'm including some information you may like reading (and you know how much I want everyone to enjoy reading!)

  • Indian men hunted with their dogs, the women used them to assist with daily physical labors, and children played with them. Dogs weren’t just pets, but members of the tribe and they were known and loved by tribe people as one loves a coworker, a friend, or a family member.  Illustrations of the manners, customs, and condition of the North American Indians by George Catlin published in 1856.    Dogs arrived with man as he migrated to North America from Asia across the Bering StraitDogs were Native American’s first domesticated animal thousands of years before the arrival of the European horse. It is estimated that there were more than 300,000 domesticated dogs in America when the first European explorers arrived. Indians assiduously raised, bred and trained their dogs to protect families, to hunt, to herd, to haul, and to provide companionship. A robust trade of dogs existed between all tribes across the Plains and parts of what is now Mexico and Canada for the purposes of breeding, work, hunting and, sometimes, food. Depending on the tribe, each family could have as many as thirty dogs, every one of which was trained to respond to his or her name .Courtesy of  by | Mar 29, 2018\
    • There are some big words in the above information.  If you don't know what a word means, please look it up!  Learning new words is very important!

Dogs are wonderful.  If you are reading this, I hope you know that you are important to me and I love that you are my friend.   And remember, read, read, read - we can all be adventurers when we go on adventures while reading.  Your BFF, Bling


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