Back to school and the fun of reading!

Hi Kids!

I know everybody is back to school now, settling into their classes, seeing your friends, and making new friends.  Here is my BIG QUESTION......

Are you reading any fun books in school that you want to share with me?

You all know how much I love reading.  Sometimes my mom's friends tell her about books they've read and then my mom wants to read that same book too.   Will you let me know what books you are reading and then I can read that book also?

My favorite books have lots of pictures.  I LOVE looking at the pictures.  Here is the book I am reading right now.  The title of the book is DOG vs. CATS by Chris Gall.   This is a great book with super pictures.   I don't want to tell you the whole story, but the cats are awesome.  The dog in the book reminds me of my daddy dog, Drew.

If you do read a book, let me know what the name of the book was.  Then, tell me about your favorite part of the book and I will send you a special sticker for reading.  You can email me about the book or tell me on Facebook.   My email address is

I can't wait to read books with you!   Love, your friend, Bling


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